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Web log by Lena Nechet on LTalks.com - journal posts, essays, tutorials, and vlog.

This is the logotype for LTalks brand you might see on some products and profiles.

I have designed it in one of the tangling styles I developed in ink miniature, but transformed it into scalable vector graphic. I had a few versions of this image, but the current one I like a lot.

Let me know if you want a logo in this style.

Emotions Infographics

Wish to follow popular tips from prominent storytellers? Touch on sensuality, evoke fun and wonder, give a peaceful feeling, have a hero, but mix it all with suffering, provoke anger, scare and detest, - does all that create a good story?

Our brains need stimulation. Learning and being entertained are forms of stimulating activities. We like narratives, connected events, and we memorize better when we feel deeper.
story, emotion

I watched Citizen Kane (1941), appreciating the work of Orson Welles and Gregg Tolandagain, as a camera operator, or cinematographer, this time. Wells injected the Citizen Kane with the symbolism: rosebud

I watched Citizen Kane (1941) again, as a camera operator, or cinematographer, this time.
Citizen Kane, Orson Welles, symbolism

Published articles and other pieces of writing

Journal - periodically published records of personal experiences and thoughts, web log.

Tutorials - specific knowledge, teaching by examplesets of instructions to complete tasks, problem solving lessons, explanations, demonstrations of a process using examples, workflow, methods

Video web log with Lena.

Brand LTalks™ was initially dedicated by Lena Nechet for video communication: vlogs and talks, soon it will be also used for products.