All publications on this site are categorized into this hierarchical structure.

Services and products offered by Lena Nechet, in California and worldwide.

Choose services and schedule appointments with Lena.

Fine art services by Lena Nechet in Orange County, Southern California - private lessons, workshops, and painting.

Art practice events: workshops and classes, theory and technique lessons, model and outdoors meetings, fun art parties.

Fine art lessons and consultations, photography and videography practice - with Lena Nechet.

Media production services and products by Lena Nechet in Orange County, CA and worldwide: videography, hybrid  photography, websites, vector graphics, logos.

Photographic services in Southern California: portraits, promotional photography, event photography.

Videography services - promotional short film, video promotion - product demonstration, property presentation, interviews, testimonials, story based advertisement, events (special occasions, meetings, parties).

  • Interactive responsive website development,
  • Online public image management,
  • Web presence consulting.
  • Artistic logotype design,
  • Images optimized for web,
  • Vector graphics.

Language lessons, interpreting and translation - German, English, Russian, Ukrainian.

  • German language services - lessons, translation, and interpreting.
  • Deutschsprachige dienstleistungen - Deutschunterricht, Übersetzung und Dolmetschen.
  • English language services - lessons, translation, and interpreting.
  • Englische Sprachdienste - Unterricht, Übersetzung und Dolmetschen.
  • Услуги по английскому языку - консультации, уроки и перевод.
  • Ukrainian language services, Ukrainian-English interpreting
  • Послуги української мови, українсько-англійський переклад
  • Russian Language services - lessons, translation, and interpreting.
  • Услуги русского языка - уроки и перевод.

Informational part of the site, primarily textual and verbal information: articles, talks, posts, services, etc.

Web log by Lena Nechet - writings, vlog, and other publications.

Published articles and other pieces of writing

Journal - periodically published records of personal experiences and observations - web log - by Lena Nechet.

Thoughts, ideas, and observations by Lena Nechet.

Pieces of writing by Lena Nechet that present her arguments, formal (some official submissions and course work) and informal.

Tutorials - specific knowledge, explanations, workflow, methods, sets of instructions for special tasks, problem solving lessons, demonstrations of a process using examples.


Favorite resources, ideas, creations, and other pieces of information, which could be interesting for you too.

Expressions full of meaning or beauty - a personal selection of quotes.

Random quote:


Books I read, my favorites, literature, prose and poetry, e-books and audio-books.

Impressive acts by significant people.

Favorite or simply very interesting concepts, thoughts, ideas, understandings, notions, opinions, views, believes, intentions, ideals.

Favorite musical compositions and music videos.

My main news sources, primarily from Europe and USA.


Video web log with Lena.

Brand LTalks™ was initially dedicated by Lena Nechet for video communication: vlogs and talks, soon it will be also used for products.

About Lena Nechet, and the brand LTalks.

About Lena Nechet - general and professional information.

Contact options on, ways to establish direct communication.

Social networks, communities, groups, events, profiles, memberships, social media, connections, subscriptions.

I am not very active on social media, but I try to check on them every one or two weeks.

Short records, facts, events, and summaries of my life.

Current and featured works by Lena Nechet, an artist in California.

Works of visual art by Lena Nechet - hand made graphic art, compositions made by applying pigments to a surface (paintings and drawings), artistic productions, digital graphics, designs.

Draw your mind! Meditative Drawing project - mindless art, lines of life, mindful doodling.

Art photography by a fine art painter, Lena Nechet - photographs taken in Europe and the United States.

Digital photography - the science, art and skill of creating images by recording light electronically.

Films by Lena Nechet, a videographer in California.

Short films are shorter than feature films, duration under 40, often 1-15 minutes.

Videography - the process and art of making video films.