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  • Fallen Leaves After Rain

    Fallen Leaves

    In California Autumn can last through January.

  • Portraiture

    Types of portrait photography I offer:

    • Environmentalportrait - portraiture made in the person's usual environment, illuminating their life: photographing a person in their natural surroundings to portray the essence of their personality. Includes lifestyle portraits,and formal portraits.
    • Candidportraits are captured without setting the scene,
  • Metatags

    Additional keywords used in metadata for services.

  • All Tags

    Main lables of the site in alphabetical order. The articles are listed with metadescriptions.

  • Pricing Principles

    I strive to offer you the highest quality service I can imagine, and I use appropriate but simple price structure.

  • Types

    Translation and lessons, meeting by appointment (calendar), request.

  • Interpreting

    All directions:

    1. English (Englisch, английский);
    2. German (Deutsch, немецкий);
    3. Russian. (Russisch, русский).
  • Lessons

    • German: beginner, grammar;
    • Russian: beginner - advanced;
    • English: beginner.
  • Translation

    • German <-> English translation;
    • English,German -> Russian
      literary: prose and poetry;
    • Ukrainian -> English, German.
  • German Translation


    Trilingual: German, English, Russian

    Translating from German into English and from English into German, I specialized in poetic, but also legal and IT (apps, sites, documentation) translation, but I prefer to translate poetry and poetic prose. Bidirectional German-Russian translation I offer primarily for literary works.

    Please message me if you need higher quality human