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Please message me any time, using the form on the site, my email, or text to my number, or leave me a voicemail.

Usually I respond to messages not immediately because most of my activities require deep uninterrupted concentration. As soon as I can though, I will get back to you, provided your request is polite and reasonable. I avoid chatting in real time. I schedule most of my calls and face-time (phone, Skype, or Hangouts).

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you for your time.

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With time, I will do my best to make it easy for you to find information on this site.

Visual collections of art, photographs, personalities and infographics on Pinterest.

Visual collections of art, photographs, personalities and knowledge on Pinterest by Lena: Art Collection by Lena - long loved and remembered art, mainly paintings, and new discoveries - gathered over the years by a painter. Thankful to all the artists for the joy and new ways of seeing. Graphic Design Collection - graphics, digital art, visual ideas, illustration, design. Attire Collection - style, garments, special closing, textile. Marvelous Photography - favorite photographs. People and Beings - faces and figures, personalities, living beings.

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I am not very active on social media, but I try to check on them every one or two weeks.