Lena Nechet

Hi, my name is Lena Nechet, and LTalks is a brand for my services and artwork.

In addition to fine art, I make films and take photographs, create vector and 3D graphics, and teach art and languages

I am a mixed Slavic German national from California, raised in Ukraine. I lived in several European and two American cultures. I am multilingual - I spoke a few languages and I am still fluent in three.

My academic background is in economics (a 5-year university degree), I am experienced in web development and design. I studied and practiced media production, and produced short documentary films.

I am an optimistic "optimalist" with a minimalist lifestyle, who lives primarily on fresh fruit. I love kind and smart people, enjoy dancing, running and swimming. Art is my passion.

Art story of Lena Nechet about painting, drawing, photography, and filmmaking.
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