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Fine art services by Lena Nechet in Orange County, Southern California - private lessons, workshops, and painting.

Art Class with Lena

What art media do you like? Acrylics, watercolor, graphite, charcoal, pastel, ink, or maybe a prime lens with a digital sensor? If you are interested in getting a piece of advice from a practicing artist to assist you in your progress, or to have an experience-rich working session, please let me know. We can schedule a composition class, a fine art workshop, theory or workflow lessons, or fun art parties.

I hope to be able to save your time in adapting techniques, to widen your perspective in visual arts, and to deepen your understanding. I will be happy to meet you in person anywhere in coastal Orange County, California.

My rate starts with $150 for a double-hour meeting. The price can depend on materials and distance.

Thank you for your consideration,


Fine art workshops and consultations with artist Lena Nechet in Orange County, California
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During our meetings and workshops, I can help you with adapting new techniques and experimenting with materials. I can offer my insight in analyzing composition, and also to provide you with all I know about the challenges of fine art creation.

  • If you consider yourself to be a novice in fine arts, I will give you the best introduction I can into the world of visual design, and share my own most valuable findings.
  • If you are interested in theoretical foundation of art, we can talk about
    • value, light and shadow, contrast, line and volumes;
    • color theory, color mixing, color combination, color perception;
    • composition - balance, negative space, focus, rhythm, proportion, shape, asymmetry, etc
  • For practical realization of your ideas, we can explore
    • pigments and paint;
    • mediums and additives;
    • brushes and surfaces;
    • strokes and layering;
    • glazes and impasto, etc.
  • If you like portraits or figure drawing, I can be your temporary dressed model and give you immediate feedback with further instructions between the short sessions.

Art Media

If you are interested in testing new methods and materials, I can bring you some of my best art supplies and tools for demonstration and practice. We can also use your art materials and deepen your techniques.

Art media I know well:

  • Acrylics: impasto, glazing, gesso, isolation layers;
  • Watercolor: transparent, gouache;
  • Ink:
    • Sumi zen brush,
    • Suminagashi ("floating ink" or marbling),
    • Parallel and fountain pens;
  • Dry media:
    • Color: pastel, color pencils and sticks;
    • Black and white: charcoal, graphite;

I love oils, but do not work with them anymore.


  • I will be happy to meet you at your place, home or office. My own studio is currently set up in a shared environment. I can rent an office for some types of sessions, or even lightweight workshops.
  • We can meet for sketching or painting outdoors, if you love plein air.
  • We can meet in a cafe and discuss your work, and move on from there.


We can schedule 2-6 hour meetings on almost any day of the week, if planned ahead, starting from 10 am and possibly finishing by 10 pm as well, in case of a relaxing group session. For some types of activities daylight matters.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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Art practice events: workshops and classes, theory and technique lessons, model and outdoors meetings, fun art parties.

Fine art lessons and consultations, photography and videography practice - with Lena Nechet.