Color Value



Value ( in HSV model - darkness, or Lightness in HSL model, or Brightness in HSB model) - resembles making tints by adding black or gray.

The value of color is defined by its lightness or darkness, its tints and shades, quantity of light reflected, or how close it is to white or black.

Value in art is about relative lightness or darkness of colors that is used to create spatial illusions.

  • Dark: low key, with prevalent darker values.
  • Light: high key, with prevalent lighter values.
  • Achromatic: gray-scale, black and white.
  • Dark

    Darker-value in general or low-key depictions with prevalent darker tones can sometimes have dominant blacks, blues, and browns.



  • Light

    Light-valued as a whole or high-key images with prevalent lighter tones consists primarily of tinted to bright colors, with fewer dark shadows.




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