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Sailing Shift (2017) by Lena Nechet

Sailing Shift (2017), a painting by Lena Nechet
sailing, change, uncertainty, wind, water
Testosterone (2017) by Lena Nechet

Testosterone (2017), a painting by Lena Nechet.

My Visual Arts Story

It so happened that art is a permanent part of my life, and almost all I see I recompose and enhance in my mind in this captivating flow of existential vision

A story in visual arts of Lena Nechet from childhood to present.
bio, biography

Artist's Statement

My name is Lena Nechet, I am a fine art painter in California. I make original artwork, and give private art lessons. My art signature includes seal L∃N∀.

Artist's Statement by a fine art painter in California, Lena Nechet.
statement, credo

Charcoal abstract erotic drawing with poetry (haiku).
figure, drawing, charcoal, erotic, portrait, haiku, poetry

Abstract drawing in red and white.

Archival ink on found paper, 7-2015.

Abstract in red and white.

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