Artwork Categories

  • Drawing

    Dry media paintings, or drawings, are drawn by hand with sticks or pencils, like pastel, graphite, charcoal, etc.

  • Fine Art

    Hand made graphic artwork - fine art objects made by applying pigments to a surface, by Lena Nechet.

  • Graphics and Design

    Digital raster and vector graphics and other types of visual design by Lena Nechet.

  • Painting

    Water media paintings - aquarelle (watercolor), gouache, and acrylics.

    Painting is a mode of creative expression. I general, paintings can be naturalistic and representational, realistic (still life or landscape), abstract, narrative, symbolic (symbolist art), emotive (expressionism), or political in nature (artivism). As for me, most often I work in abstract portraits and symbolic expression.

  • Pen and Ink

    Artwork made using various inks, including sumi and ecological, and implements like fountain pens, technical, or parallel pens.

  • Sketch

    Studies, anatomy and urban sketching, gesture drawing, underpainting, and work in progress.

  • Studio

    Art studio for fine arts and media productions: work in progress, studies, swatches, experimentation, equipment, sets, workflow.