Unframed Artwork Sizes

My finished artwork I leave unframed, so you can decide how to present it.  I make the edges presentable as well, and in some cases the work call for being exhibited with exposed edges: from rough deckle edge to gilded with bronze or copper.

The size of unframed artwork relates to the surface dimensions of a single piece that itself might be a part of a set (e.g. of a diptych). Sizes of artwork grounds I use range from miniatures to wall painting and drawings over 30 inches.

The size groups are arranged by the longest dimension - height or width:

  • Miniature (small) artworks - fine art in extra-small size - are under, about, or a little over the letter or A4 sizes - less than 12 inches (~30 cm) .
  • Standard (medium size) - over 12 to 20 inches (~30-50 cm).
  • Large - over 20 inches (50+ cm). 

The size of each artwork will be provided on its page.