Most of my paintings can be exhibited with exposed edges, which does not require framing or matting. They can be framed and presented according to the owner's wish.


The edges of my paintings are mostly straight cut or deckled. I paint without leaving empty surface surrounding the picture. A few millimeters (up to an eights of an inch) on all ends can be covered without disturbing the composition.

The paintings can be mounted without any frame, because their edges appear one with the image, or even sometimes gilded with metallic border : bronze, golden, or silvery tone, depending on the color palette of the artwork. 


I do not use new wooden surfaces or support structures, and rarely paint for a specific frame. Framing requires a whole set of skills and materials I do not possess.

Moreover, it is impossible to predict in which environment my paintings are going to be hanged. And I believe appropriate frames can integrate any paintings into any interiors. I leave this choice to the owner or their decorators.

I recommend using neutrally colored acid-free frames made from materials with minimal environmental impact, preferably by a framing professional.

Exposed edges or framing.Edge, Frame


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
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