Art workshop is a meeting in a group to engage in discussion or activity on a particular aspect of fine art creation, or a study session with emphasis on art theory.

If you are interested in testing new methods and materials, I can bring you some of the best art supplies I know, with tools for demonstration and practice. We can use your art materials to extend your techniques.

Fine art media I know well and use with standard and refined methods:

  • Acrylics: impasto, glazing, gessoing, toned gesso, isolation layers, monoprint without press, monotype, intaglio;
  • Watercolor: transparent or gouache;
  • Burnishing, montage, collage, assemblage ,with mica mineral and metals, embedding sand, natural fibers, creating textures, etc.
  • Ink:
    • Sumi zen brush, parallel and fountain pens;
    • Suminagashi ("floating ink" or simple marbling),
  • Dry media:
    • Color: pastel, conte, and watercolor sticks;
    • Black and white: charcoal, graphite - drawing and underdrawing.

I love oils, but do not work with them anymore.

Art materials and techniques are the substances used in the creation of a work of art and the methods to apply them: production, manufacturing techniques, and processes.

Artwork can be made up of many different parts, each composed of different materials, or made using different techniques. Materials can be formed and applied to a ground (support) in many different ways.

Support is the primary material of which the object is made (e.g., canvas, or paper). There may be primary and secondary - mounted - supports. Materials that are applied over the support (e.g., paint, graphite) are the media.

Materials I use the most are cotton canvas and rags, paper, inorganic pigments dispersed in water with acrylic polymer or gum arabic (acrylic and watercolor paints, gouache, inks), graphite, and charcoal.


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA, 323-686-1771

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