To simplify and order my verbal and visual presenting, I sort all my manners of display by moods, narrative modes, objects and subjects of representation, and color. I use the terms of narration because verbal system is founded on visual in the brain and is analogous to it in many ways. I do not think like many that every painting tells a story, and I do not want my works to give a ready-made resolutions and morals. But I do believe artworks contain messages of some kind.

Complex Message

To me, visual renderings and creative writing are intertwined types of communication:

  • visuals can provoke verbalization,
  • and writing stimulates imagination.

In some series and single paintings I combine visual and verbal messages, usually by adding poetry or phrases. And I use meaningful artwork titles most of the time. Pictures and words complete each other into one short but dense message. This way the probability of understanding by the viewer is higher.

The messenger and the receiver of both types can unite on some level by this act of artistic communicating. The visual impression bypasses the language limitations and can stay with the person for a long time. The verbal attributes link the image with the conceptual structure of the mind and make it more retrievable.

Visualization Process

  • Formation of mental visual images and their rendering;
  • Interpretation of feelings, thoughts, and complex ideas in visual terms;
  • Capturing visual reality and editing it for presentation.
  • Reference Code: LN21A22AB0


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA, 323-686-1771

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