Environment 🏝️

Depiction of environments and open spaces:
  • Nature Morte 🏺

    Nature morte/naˈtʃʊə ˈmɔːt/ - still life pictures, depictions of objects, artifacts, constructions, all still and artificial life inspired artworks.

    Natures mortes depict various inanimate objects with some level of abstraction.

    Artifactsare objects made by human beings: handmade and mass-produced things and tools.

    Objectis something material, relatively stable in form, visible or tangible, a thing that you can see or touch.

  • Plein Air 🏞️

    En plein air is the act of painting outdoors, in direct or diffused light.

    This method was practiced by some of my favorite artists: Paul Cézanne, Valentin Serov, Claude Monet, Konstantin Korovin, Alfred Sisley, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Vasily Polenov, Isaac Levitan,and Igor Grabar.