Let's get together for games and fun conversation.

Below are some of the details you might want to know: a few obvious things, just in case, and I keep adding all answers to questions already asked. Please text or email me with any questions.

Everyone should be fully vaccinated. See you soon!

PS: This is a photo I took before we started with the fascism prevention game.

  • Details and previous answers (message me with any additional questions):
  • Goals: fun, play
  • Properties: private, informal, recurrent
  • Link: Visit Link
  • Description: we'll sit together and play games, starting with two that include everyone, and then we might split into smaller groups
  • Who: friends, people who we like, a person who you would like to accompany you
  • What: bring games and ideas
  • Why: we only have 4 board games, so more good ones would be appreciated
  • Where: at a private home, I'll text you the street address if you need, in response to your RSVP text
  • When: Saturday, July 17, 2021
  • Date and Time: 2021-07-17 17:00
  • Start: evening, 5 PM (17:00)
  • Finish: after 10 PM, or we'll get quieter
  • Organizing: by invitation only, please tell me whether you are coming, and please send me a note if you would like to attend and I have not messaged you for some reason
  • Place: Oceanside, California, Airport neighborhood, North of 76 and Benet (or Foussat), on a hill behind a small river, the house is on the right, at the round end of the short destination street, easy street parking
  • Caution: no AC, a small fan, the window breathe should be fresh
  • Setting: one large room, guest bathroom in front of the main entry diagonally to the left (North), the first door in opposite to the kitchen direction, table with 12 soft chairs, coffee table with 8 soft armchairs (neck support)
  • Dress Code: simplicity is welcome, smart casual, dressy casual, creative outfit
  • Food and Drinks: if you want, bring your favorite drinks, if food, than vegetarian, ready to serve, easy to handle
  • Floral Tea: Visit Link
  • Arrangement: food arranged Swedish style, cold buffet, one counter for all refreshments, finger food, pick and pour your drink, select your food yourself, take as much as you like, bring your drink and plate to your seat
  • Dishes: open kitchen near the big table - please find what you need, all silverware is in a big drawer to the right of the refrigerator, to the right - drinking glasses, standard wine (24), highball (12), tea (9) and smaller coffee (9) glass cups, to the left - white porcelain plates and small bowls
  • No Need to Bring: one-time use plastic items


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