Digital Products for Sale

Access to digital resources, intangible products, which can be downloaded or transferred over the internet - digital graphics, server applications, books, and other files and streams, email lists, client website site access, website membership.

Printable graphics - high resolution images for printing.

Knowledge-based products - verbally and visually informative materials with unique concepts and methods that I discovered and systematized - presentations, courses, tutorials, talks, books, and other files and streaming media.

Concepts - abstract ideas, general notions, conceptions, abstractions, theories, hypotheses, beliefs, convictions, projects.

Methods - particular ways, forms, and procedures for accomplishing or approaching something.

Animals in Paintings May 2022
Art Tutorial November 2019
Videography November 2019
Photography November 2019
English Language November 2019
Thank you! September 2019
Fine Art Illustration March 2019
Intertwined Names February 2018
Giant Serpent and Ophicleide February 2018
Instructions for German Audio with Text January 2018


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA , 323-686-1771