Business Offers

Business offers, types of services and products, and all commerce related materials.

Types of Offers:

  • Product 🎁

    Real objects produced by hand or print, as well as digital goods and virtual services.

    • Digital File 💾

      Access to digital resources, intangible products, which can be downloaded or transferred over the internet - digital graphics, server applications, books, and other files and streams, email lists, client website site access, website membership.

      Printable graphics - high resolution images for printing.

      Knowledge-based products - verbally and visually informative materials with unique concepts and methods that I discovered and systematized - presentations, courses, tutorials, talks, books, and other files and streaming media.

      Concepts - abstract ideas, general notions, conceptions, abstractions, theories, hypotheses, beliefs, convictions, projects.

      Methods - particular ways, forms, and procedures for accomplishing or approaching something.

    • Limited Edition 🖋️

      Signed and numbered 200-piece printed editions of high quality copies of original artworks, artwork sheet prints, albums, and books.

    • Unique Original ✒️

      Signed, unframed fine art originals, hand-drawn and digitized illustrations - unique created artwork and art commissioning.

      Original artworks are hand-made art pieces, images created in the real world, using pigments, foundations, and other physical entities.

  • Service 🧰

    Personal services like meetings, conversations, and written communication.

    • In Person 👋

      Consultations, professional meeting, lessons and structured periods of time dedicated to learning, workshops, and other real-time face-to-face sessions.

  • Transaction 💰

    Available for purchase items, prices, agreements on paying for services and products, payment methods, ways to make a purchase internationally.

    Pricing and Payment

    Prices are quantities of payment or other compensation for services and products.

    For private clients and businesses, I strive to offer the highest quality service, and I use a refined but simple price structure. I am competitive in quality and possible value of the art objects I produce, and I aim to be among the best in my fields. It terms of prices though, competitiveness is not my priority.

    My price list fits on one page.

    Price List

    The price links are valid for each of the corresponding numbered items and are for easy prepay through PayPal (includes credit and debit cards). Let me know if you would like to pay with Google Pay, check, or cash. Please message me directly with questions.

    Prices for Product Groups with Payment Links
     Products and Services Price tier, USD
    • Written answer, detailed, via email.
    • Voice consultation, via phone, twenty (20) minutes.
    • Website special access, one month, one section.
    • Digital file, one download or attachment.


    • Personal Sessions, Double-Hour:
      (2 academic hours, 100 intense minutes plus a pause for a chat)
      1. Presentation,or lesson;
      2. Interpreting event, for each 2-hour slot;
      3. Translation, every two-hour increment.
    • Card Set, artistic greeting cards, 10 pieces.
    • Fast sketch portrait, fine art, signed.


    • Photography Package, including:
      • Photoshoot, one (1) hour;
      • Photographs, three (3) edited printable high resolution digital files (plus bonus shots if great).
    • Art Workshop:
      One session six (6) hours total with breaks, materials included.
    • German Crush Course:
      Three (3) real-time in-person or remote double-hour lessons, six (6) academic hours total.


    • Videography Package, including:
      • Video shoot, two (2) hours;
      • Short or ultrashort film, montage from the edited footage.
    • Original artwork,single, miniature or small size.


    • Original artwork,single, standard size.


    • Original artwork,polyptych, standard size.


    1. Original artwork,single or polyptych, large size.


    Pricing Principles

    Price and Value

    I hope you can find value in what I offer, and the price fair. The monetary worth of an artwork is initially not easy to establish. My simplified approach to pricing saves me time on business operation, and can help you make a purchase decision faster as well.

    Main Policy

    The prices of the products and services are final and total for the client, and they might increase over time.

    There will be no sales and no discounts. Sometimes though, I gave a special lower price to people I know personally, and who take the paintings right out of my hands. 


    Main Components of the Cost Structure

    1. Time investment and expertise;
    2. Marketing, research, distribution, operating expenses, materials, space;
    3. Replacement of equipment, future expansion, return on the capital.

    Pricing of Physical Products and Artwork

    Prices on products will include all taxes and fees, specifically:

    • State sales tax and local taxes (currently over 7.750% in California);
    • Handling and packingmaterials;
    • Worldwide priority shipping;
    • Basic shipping insurance;
    • Payment processing fees, usually around 3%; etc.

    The price you see on the screen will therefore be all inclusive for you - all is included, no extra charges, you see the total.

    Fine Art Pricing

    The base prices of fine art originals and workshops include:

    1. Artist's time, skillfulness, and talent;
    2. Professional art materials;
    3. Studio equipment replacement costs and amortization;
    4. Studio space;
    5. Provision, management, and marketing costs;
    6. Experimentation, education, research.

    Time and Value

    Services and products offered on these site are mostly unique, and my pricing strategy is therefore value-based, especially for the fine art objects. Some paintings can be comparable to others but have special qualities, or had required extended investments of time and other resources to be completed. I price them higher.

    Time is a highly valuable resource, and in order to manage it efficiently, I also use operations-oriented approach to setting a price. For example, if I have multiple requests for one specific product, or if I have little time to attend personally, I might increase the price of the piece or the meeting.

    Quality and Markets

    I decided not to use promotional or psychological pricing, or some other marketing techniques I know well. I studied marketing among other subjects related to economics, and formed my views on its methods over many years afterwords. I do not want to apply some of them to my own business.

    Fine art trade and consulting are special markets, and my general strategy is adjusted to them accordingly. From art dealers and managers, I learnt what works for me personally and what surely doesn't. I hope you will find my approach to setting prices reasonable and agreeable, and the results of my efforts - valuable to you.

    Thank you for your interest.
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