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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions - by Lena Nechet on LTalks.com
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Media production services and products by Lena Nechet in San Diego and Orange Counties, CA and worldwide.

My primary offers:

  1. unique hand-made artwork originals;
  2. art commission - custom fine art paintings: portraits, home views, and abstracts in your colors;
  3. videographic and  photographic environmental portraits.

Other visual products include hand-drawn illustration, logotypes, and websites.

Fine art services by Lena Nechet: art workshops in San Diego and Orange Counties of Southern California, custom artwork and design.

Originals: original works of fine art completed independently is my main concentration. You can purchase any available art work from my portfolio.

Commission: if you would like to define the object and possibly main colors of the artwork you buy, we could agree on terms for a portrait, a painting of a place, or an abstraction. Order custom artwork by requesting the creation of art pieces: paintings, drawings, hand-made illustration, and unique fashion designs.

Workshop: get a piece of advice from a practicing artist to assist you in your progress, or have an experience-rich art process session. We can schedule a composition class, a fine art workshop, art theory or workflow lessons, or fun art parties. I'll bring everything we need, or come over to my studio when I organize the next group workshop.

  • Participate at a workshop or invite me to your side: what art media do you like?
    • Fine art composition and media: color theory, workflow, acrylics, watercolor, graphite, charcoal, pastel, or ink?
    • Photography and field productions: manual mode with your camera, or testing a prime lens?
    • Fun art party: suminagashi or printing sessions for your teens? Let me know!

Language lessons, intercultural mediation, talks, interpreting and translation - German, English, Russian, Ukrainian.

Learn languages in personal sessions - lessons and courses:

  • German: beginner, business, grammar;
  • Russian: advanced, literary style, business;
  • English: beginner, for Ukrainian, Russian, and German speakers.

Student Access

Course materials in this section of the site become available to my registered students as they move up from lesson to lesson.

  1. If you are already my client, please create an account, so I can assign you to the right level, and you can get the access to the files.
  2. Log in and download the audio and text files to practice after first hours of our lessons. Sections with the links will appear in this section gradually, as soon as you reach the next level or after we have practiced certain exercises.

Types of Files

After logging in, you will find:

  • audio recordings of speech,
  • with the matching text files ( usually .pdf),
  • images with grammar visualization, tables, etc.
  • some video containing speech in German,
  • recordings for the background listening,
  • and instructions on how to get the best value from them.

Trilingual and bilingual real-time interpreting services, and IT or literary translation.

I give talks with presentations on rare lifestyle subjects and style.


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA ,
Art@LenaNechet.com 323-686-1771