Trilingual and bilingual real-time interpreting services, and IT or literary translation.

I translate both direction between English and German, from them into Russian, and into them from Ukrainian.

  • German <-> English bi-directional translation, including legal and technical;
  • English, German -> Russian literary translation for prose and poetry;
  • Ukrainian -> English, German basic and technical translation.

Please message me if you need a higher quality human translation from a person who lived in German-, English-, and Russian-speaking countries for many years, including United States and Germany, who understands cultural nuances, as well as programming argot and usability.

Multilingual translation services: German, English, Russian, Ukrainian.

Interpreting service, in person, all directions:

  1. English (Englisch, английский);
  2. German (Deutsch, немецкий);
  3. Russian. (Russisch, русский).

I can fluently interpret from Ukrainian as well - if you cannot find anybody - but would be slow to communicate back.

Trilingual interpreting services.

German-English bidirectional translation:

  • from German into English and
  • from English into German.

I specialized in literary, but also legal and IT translation (apps, sites, documentation). I prefer to translate poetry and poetic prose.

Trilingual translation in German, English, and Russian languages is also an option.

German-English translation services.
Bilingual, Trilingual

Trilingual Interpreting: German - English - Russian. If you want to have a person by your side to interpret speech between you and your conversational partners in real time, I can use my fluency in all this languages, as well as my extensive cultural knowledge acquired in Europe and in the United States, to help you in a real time situation: in private and official conversations and meetings.

Trilingual interpreter in San Diego, South California: German, English, and Russian.
German, English, Russian
  • Translation from Russian with cultural depth.
  • Bidirectional German-Russian translation for small literary works.
  • Literary translation into Russian.

Russian human translation service.
Trilingual, Bilingual


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA , 323-686-1771