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Learn languages in personal sessions - lessons and courses:

  • German: beginner, business, grammar;
  • Russian: advanced, literary style, business;
  • English: beginner, for Ukrainian, Russian, and German speakers.

How to use German Recordings Effectively

Let me offer you the way to work with the files that I find to be the best in general. Please adjust this method to your needs after you tried out all of the steps at least once. With new materials you can start practicing alone, and we will make sure your intonation and pronunciation are great in the class. 

General recommendations on practicing German speech with audio recordings and corresponding test files.
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German Lessons with Lena

German Course Offer

Beginner German lessons with Lena: an in-person course with dialogues, songs and visual grammar for faster fluency - with a multilingual instructor, with fun and intensity.

In-person German lessons in Orange County and San Diego, California.

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Advantages of studying language face to face with a real person.

Reasons for in-person language learning, and personal benefits of knowing another language.


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