Art Studio Services by Lena Nechet

As a service, I offer creation of artwork miniatures as illustration for your to be printed materials, highly adjusted to your needs, and also stylized artistic manipulation of photographic images.

I also make infographics (information graphics) - visual representations of data or knowledge, that transfer the essence of complex information quickly and clearly.

Questions to ask yourself about the art illustration you want:

  1. What general filing should the image convey? (Precision, passion, delicacy, ...)
  2. How detailed should it be, and how realistic or abstract?
  3. What looks do you prefer? (Graininess, smoothness, contrast, lightness, ...)
  4. Do you have a medium preference? (Graphite, watercolor,  pen and ink, ...)
  5. What colors should be used? (Black and white, grey, selected colors, warm, cold, ...)

If you need a book cover, I would recommend to set the proportions of the drawing to the preferable size of the future book first, considering you might want to integrate the title into the drawing or keep it aside.

I would charge for a book cover design with an integrated title over $2,000, and without rendering any text - depending on the style, likely between $1,700 and $3,000.

You pay not only for the concept, composition and rendering, but for the right to publish. I will provide you with a digital copy of my original in the resolution required.

For illustration work, only the half should be paid ahead, and the rest is before delivery on an agreed date.

In case a fine art work seems to be unreasonable for your budget, I would recommend to find artists who specialize in digital vector illustration: they would have a much faster workflow, and some international artists might charge you less than local ones.

I work in vector only for creating logotype and animation, but I could manipulate your raster images like photographs, into artistic uniformly stylized set of illustrations.

I need to warn you that I am not a photographic realist (I do not copy photographs), but I am excited about the challenge of picturing scenes you want to present, with a captivating atmosphere - my way.


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA , 323-686-1771