I am thinking to organize a get together for people who generate ideas - send me a note if you would like to be invited:

Let's get together, talk about all arts and discuss ideas, to present parts of any of your innovative work, to sketch and model for each other, to share poetry and any creative writing, and to enjoy some silence or interesting music.

This small private gathering takes place on a second Sunday of any chosen month, at 2 (two) pm, in Oceanside, California.

If you would like to attend, please follow these steps:

  1. Text me (Lena) to confirm that you are coming before the day of the event:
    • 3to3-686-1771 *
      If it is your first time, please include your name and a short introduction, and I will text you the exact address by the morning of the event day.
  2. Bring sketchbooks, notes, writing and drawing implements, and maybe light drinks.

My place is to the North of the airport on 76, on a hill (see the map below).

Please do not share my address, rather ask your friends to text me themselves.

Answers to Already Asked Questions:

  • Why?
    1. I want to try to organize what I wish to have myself and cannot find in my area:
      a friendly informal gathering to make and appreciate art.

Keep in touch!

* "to" ~ digit "two" (sounds like it in English - a spam protection measure)

Informal gathering for live portrait and figure drawing, sketching and doodling, creative writing, poetry and music, performative arts.
private gathering, art making, live drawing, figure drawing, sketching, creative writing, poetry, performing, music.

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