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    Hierarchical labels of the site.

    • Artwork

      Artwork- an artistic production in the graphic or plastic arts, especially small handmade artistic objects.

    • Fruitarianism

      Fruitarian tags:

      Fruitarian ethics, history, worldview and ideas - theoretical and cultural aspects of fruitarianism, fruitarian lifestyle and diet. 

      Fruitarianism - a quest for optimal ethical ways to live and healthy diets based on fruits and seeds. 

      Fruitarian ethics: moral principles that govern a fruitarians' behavior, fruitarian moral code, fruitarian values and value system, ideals, fruitarian standards of behavior, fruitarian virtues and conscience.

      Fruitarianism - a quest for optimal ethical ways to live and healthy diets based on fruits and seeds.

      Fruitarianism /fruːˈtɛəriənɪzəm/ :

      • a diet that consists entirely or primarily of fruits in the botanical sense, and possibly nuts and seeds, without animal products;
      • a philosophy of non-harming living organism without need, especially animals and plants;
      • a lifestyle that reflects these ethical and environmental values.
    • Narration

      Narrative and Story

      Narrative - an account of a series of related events or experiences, fictional or not.

      Story - tale, accounts of happening, description of a scene or a character, including visuals; technique and process of narrating.

      Narratives or stories can be presented verbally, via still or moving images, or through a sequenced combination of media.

      Narrative Modes

      Many of my texts and visuals contain some forms of narrative presentation. To sort them efficiently, I have combined formal types of writing and narration, most Nichols' and a few De Bromhead’s documentary modes, and some other classifications - because no system was sufficient or universal enough for my needs. First, I came up with five modes: expository, linear, observational, participatory, poetic.

      For my needs though, observation is very close to exposition, linear classic narration I call simply story, and poetic mode became a part of several moods.

      These modes are not entirely mutually exclusive, but I attempt to order my material by most prominent features, and tend to assign only one mode-label to each piece.

      Other Modes of Narration

      Sets of methods authors or artists often use in verbal works:

      1. By point of view: first-person view, second-person, third, and alternating.
      2. By voice: stream-of-consciousness, voice of a character (both could be unreliable or not credible), epistolary (from writing), and third-person voices.
      3. By time: past, present, and future tense.

      By the way, many paintings are performative: the brushstrokes and line quality matter.

      Documentary mode is a conceptual scheme developed by Bill Nichols that distinguishes particular traits and conventions of various documentary film styles.

      Documentaries - nonfictional stories about some aspect of reality - emphasizing or expressing things as perceived, possibly without distortion or insertion of fictional matter: documentary films, novels, books, comics, animations, etc.


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