I learned how Native Americans helped win WWI with their languages not even being United States citizens yet. I did know that native languages were used in wars and about the hard life of Native Americans of that time, but most of the rest was entirely new to me.

War, Native Americans

 This is my 2nd short political science essay.

A short essay in political science.
Progressive Era, Progressivism

 This is my 1st short essay in politology.

A short essay in political science.
State of Nature, Social Contract
23 Artgroup Yoshimihayashi

This is my short report about last weekend's trip through the museums of LA.
In the photo, I am #6 from the left.

Los Angeles art trip.
LA, Los Angeles, MOCA, Art Museum of Jurassic Technology, Bergamot Station Arts Center, MOCA Grand, The Last Bookstore, Hauser and Wirth

This is a reflection on the days in LA.

A poem by Lena Nechet.
Lena Nechet, Arts, Los Angeles, LA

This verse is about the shortcomings of the new style of communication, noticeable especially in colleges, which is devoid of argument, debate, and excitement, and full of unchallenged falsehoods, entitlement, and apathy of most.

Goals: communication

A poem by Lena Nechet.
Reverse Appreciation, poem

This is my anthropology research project presentation materials on creating color artwork.

Теперь  зола лежит одна
Как ни вороши, ни ищи — ни души
Гори, гори, моя страна
Не туши, ой, не туши, не туши


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Parents and friends of infants might want to know that they should parent and treat children differently, according to their individuality. Let me introduce you to a goodness-of-fit concept applied to early child development.

This is my short essay on child temperament in connection with goodness and poorness of fit for psychology of human development class.
Human Development, Child, Fitness, Temperament


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