What do I watch more or less regularly? Many of the media programs in the list below I visit every week to catch up, or once a month if I am busy.

I was making a app- and platform-independent list of all English-language (USA) news and shows, and decided to keep it here for easy access.

My Watch List

Political Journalism, USA:

Rachel Maddow: MSNBC + YouTube playlist

Lawrence O'Donnel, Last Word: MSNBC + YouTube playlist

Democracy Now:Daily news + YouTube playlist

Finance and Economics

The Economist:YouTube playlist

Wealth Track:Site + YouTube playlist

Fun Stuff

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: YouTube playlist

Daily Show with Trevor Noah: YouTube playlist

Real Time with Bill Maher: YouTube playlist

Late Show with Stephen Colbert: YouTube playlist

Various Shows

Waking Up with Sam Harris: Audio Podcast on YouTube

Independent Lens: New documentaries on PBS site

Frontline: Featured documentaries on PBS site

Big Think: YouTube playlist

Weekly watch list by Lena Nechet
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