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Formal and professional information about Lena Nechet.

Personal information about Lena Nechet.

Testimonials about me by people I respect and value, with references.

I am deeply thankful to each person here for taking the time to write these words.

Short records, facts, events, and summaries of my life - I am thankful for your visit, and want to offer you a few personal stories and recollections that might be of some interest.

As an artist, I want to be sincere and open in my self-presentation. Being mysterious could probably be more attractive, but I want you to understand my art better by knowing how I see myself and the world, and what influenced me.

My students are often very open with me, they invite me in their homes and mention personal matters. To match that friendliness, and to make it easier for you to decide whether you want to deal with me, I publish these autobiographical etudes.

My friends can pick here one or another fun fact about me as well, if I have not joked about it already.

I cannot tell you everything important because I need to guard other people's privacy. I also avoid unnecessary blissful or dreadful details, and try to keep the stories short.

Family, birthplace, circumstances.

Early years of life (0 - 11).

Growing up, onset of puberty, early youth (12 - 24).

Maturity, independence, grown up years (25 - present +).

Contact options on LenaNechet.com, ways to establish direct communication.

Social networks, communities, groups, events, profiles, memberships, social media, connections, subscriptions.

I am not very active on social media, but I try to check on my profiles every one or two weeks.

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