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General personal information about Lena Nechet.

My real first short name is Lena, so L∃N∀ is my signature art seal.

∃∀- are math signs, which mean "exist" () and "for all" ().
Lena exists for all.

Explanation of art signature by Lena Nechet - "exist for all."
signature, seal, watermark
The first 7 defining words for my introduction probably should be:
  1. Artist - an abstract fine art painter and portraitist, rooted in photography and videography. I always knew I will be one, but it took a life-threatening event to make me drop almost everything else and dare to dive into the madness of purposeless creation. 
  2. Multilingual - I spoke several languages, and this made my thinking more independent from grammatical and cultural conditioning. Now acceptably fluent only in Russian (Русский), German (Deutsch), English. I understand but speak slower in Ukrainian (Українська), and I have almost entirely forgotten Spanish (Español), in which I was fluent in childhood while living in Latin America. Natural languages "forced" me to be a poet, and using them this way helped me to survive my early youth.
  3. Web Developer - I love internet, and was happy with server programming for several years. I still enjoy it now and then. I love clear logical structures and the practical application of math. As an artist I got to know a lot about digital graphics and its web integration.
  4. Investor - I started to invest risky and early, with currencies and commodities, and later transitioned into mid-term  stock trading, and then index funds. My degree is in economics, and this is how I use it. Risk-taking gives me thrills, and I need to guard myself from passionate moves. I dislike being in debt though, so I need to balance between these two, to sleep well at night.
  5. Fruitarian - long-term, since 18, which suggests a lot about my lifestyle: predominantly fresh fruit-based diet, environmentally-friendly attitude, avoiding buying too much, especially new wooden objects, etc. I ran large online communities, and still minimally maintain the reorganized Fruitarian's Network.
  6. Atheist - non-theist, life-long (born into a physicist's family), science and character based: I am unwilling to be mentally subordinate. I will protect everyone's rights to believe in anything - for the sake of freedom of mind, as far as it does not hurt anyone else. 
  7. Female (I guess, it's important) - I am a serially monogamous heterosexual, who prefers intellectual and erotic depth of connection over variety or stability. I rarely meet people with whom I see a potential to experience what I want, but mutual love is not only my "drug" of choice: I prioritized it, just not over friendship. I am not family-oriented. I do not date casually.

Defining myself with several words.
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If I would use a few adjectives to describe myself, I would choose these 7 additional words:
  1. Happy - most of the time, despite everything. If I am not in a blissful state, it is usually because of actual difficulties in my life. If it is bad enough, which happened several times, I still cannot stay sad for too long and soon find ways to force myself out by action or radical change. I don't think I ever was depressed, but I suspect it could kill me after a while.
  2. Sensitive - in some cases overly so: I used to have an extreme color sensitivity, to the point that I could wear only achromatic clothing for some periods of my life. Once I painted my walls black, another time - my hair. Then I had white periods. I could be too sensitive to words and facial expressions as well.
  3. Risky - for some reason I am ready to take lots of risk, for a reason, but in the same time I almost never feel adventurous. 
  4. Decisive - I tend to make up my mind quickly and permanently, I do not look back with doubts, and I prevent myself from having regrets by ensuring my process of making decisions is all-encompassing, and that I stay true to myself. 
  5. Lonely - somewhat intellectually (this bothers me and makes me search for friendships), and often physically. I love being alone, and require solitude regularly.
  6. Stubborn - my friends can confirm it, few people had complained about it.
  7.  Wißbegierig  (German) ~ "eager to learn". 

Defining myself with several words.
words, 7

Journal - periodically published records of personal experiences and observations - web log - by Lena Nechet.

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