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Let's have some nice time sharing only fresh fruit - please bring your favorites, ready to eat.

Title: Fresh Fruit Potluck
Subtitle: Bring Your Favorite Fruit
Description: An environmentally-friendly and healthful semi-formal food event in Southern California.
Ticket: Free
How to Attend: Text Lena
RSVP: Required, via text message
What to Bring: A dish with fresh fruit
When: Second Sunday, 2 pm
Where: San Diego North County, California
Who: Friendly conscientious people.
Why: To appreciate the importance of environmentally-friendly, ethical, and hopefully healthy foods.

Share fresh fruit in San Diego!
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About my location:

In 2018 I moved to Oceanside, California, and now live and work on a hill between a lake to the East, a river to the South with a trail to the Pacific Ocean over 3 miles to the West, and the wildness  on the Marine Corps territory to the North:

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