Let's have some nice time sharing only fresh fruit - please bring your favorites, ready to eat.

To attend, please follow these 3 necessary steps:
  1. RSVP on a social network (see links below).
  2. Text me (Lena) your name, with a short introduction if first time:
    • 3to3-686-1771 *
      (I'll text you the exact address by the day of the event).
  3. Bring fruit - your favorite or seasonal.


Confirm that you want to come on one of the social networks:

Please, Do:

  1. Dress nicely.
  2. Bring fresh, clean, and ready to serve fruit - on a dish made out of glass, porcelain, or stainless steel, if possible.

How We Do It:

  • We gather in a private residence in Oceanside, CA on first Sundays at 3 pm.
  • We will enjoy conversations and fruits.
  • We will arrange all the fruits in one place and everybody will take what they like.
  • We will use porcelain plates and silverware - no need to bring plastic one-time use items.
  • We can sit in a circle at a large table in a room, and if more people want to come, we can also sit by a coffee table the the the bar stand. Once we gathered outside by the garden on picknic blankets.

Answers to Already Asked Questions:

  • What if I don't want fresh fruit at this time?
    Bring fruits that others would likely enjoy.
  • ...or cannot get any?
    Bring seeds or fruit drinks, like nuts and juice, or even coffee.
  • What kind of fruits?
    Any kind, sweat or not, but tasty, ripe, and undamaged.
  • How much fruit should I bring?
    Enough to satiate 1-2 people. For example, 2 pounds of grapes, or 6 large apples, or a melon.
  • Why only fruit?
    1. Fruits are one of the most environmentally friendly , ethical, healthy, and universal foods.
    2. Fruits are easy, no cooking, no special ingredients that someone might not like.
    3. In my opinion, people should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables (including non-sweet fruits like tomatoes and cucumbers) to live longer and healthier.
    4. A fresh fruit meal might become an example to form a nice habit: once a month, a week, or even dayly fruit only lunch or dinner.
    5. Nobody else in my area organizes fruitarian events, and I want to do something about it. Even vegan, vegetarian or plant-based gatherings are hard to find.
    6. It is worth my effort to organize a fruitluck privately because restaurants rarely offer fruit dishes, and for some people (raw) vegan cuisine might be prohibitively expensive.
    7. I want to try to give good people a friendly environment to respectfully challenge each other's ideas - without advertisement, money pressure, distructions, but with a pleasant view on a tiny orchard.

I intend to host these fruit meetings every first Sunday - keep in touch!

* "to" = digit "two" (in English)

Share fresh fruit in San Diego!
fruit, fruitarian, raw vegan, vegan, raw food, plant-based, vegetarian, food event, potluck, San Diego, North County, Oceanside, California
Title: Fresh Fruit Potluck
Subtitle: Bring Your Favorite Fruit
Description: An environmentally-friendly and healthful semi-formal food event in San Diego.
Free: Yes
RSVP: Required, via text and a social network.
What to Bring: A dish with fresh fruit.
When: Every First Sunday, 3 pm
Where: San Diego North County, California
Who: Nice conscientious people.
Why: To appreciate the importance of environmentally-friendly, ethical, and hopefully healthy foods.