Color Attributes

  • Hue

    Color Hue

    Unique hue is the degree to which color can be described in a common language as a specific color, like  fuchsia (magenta), red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and the way to distinguish one color group from another.

  • Saturation

    Color Chroma

    Saturation (chroma, intensity) - resembles making tints by adding white.

    Saturated Red


    Chroma expresses the purity of a color, its saturation with the main hue, its brilliance and intensity, or how much other hues are mixed into the color.

    I group all my images by saturation:

    • Bright: more vivid and saturated colors with pure bright hues.
    • Subtle: more pastel or earthy, less bright, desaturated colors that have more other hues mixed in, especially if muted by a complimentary hue.
    • Colorful: multiple saturated colors used, often with a range of chromatically intense colors.
  • Value


    Value ( in HSV model - darkness, or Lightness in HSL model, or Brightness in HSB model) - resembles making tints by adding black or gray.







    The value of color is defined by its lightness or darkness, its tints and shades, quantity of light reflected, or how close it is to white or black.

    Value in art is about relative lightnessor darknessof colors that is used to create spatial illusions.

    • Dark: low key, with prevalent darker values.
    • Light: high key, with prevalent lighter values.
    • Achromatic: gray-scale, black and white.