Collection labels in alphabetical order - art flow moods.
  • Emotional


    Affective Aspects of Consciousness
    Artwork Collection

    The art in this collection expresses emotions and feelings. I am specifically interested in excitement of love, perception of impressions of others, and in modifying instinctive reactions.

    Emotions are conscious mental reaction subjectively experienced as strong feelings and accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body.

    Feelings are the general state of consciousness considered independently of particular sensations, and I am exploring these aspects in particular:

    • appreciative awareness of ethics,
    • capacity to respond with higher emotion to aesthetic objects,
    • susceptibility to impression by colors,
    • conveying emotion through visual composition,
    • triggering sympathetic aesthetic response,
    • atmosphere or character in essence.
  • Environmental


    Artwork Collection

    Observing wild life, thinking about ecosystems - nature connection and preservation related paintings and drawings.

  • Erotic


    Artwork Collection

    Erotic artworks.

  • Intellectual


    Artwork Collection

    This collection is dedicated to intelligentsia (intelligentia, or интеллигенция) - intellectuals with integrity, people who critique and shape cultures.

    Historically, totalitarian governments encouraged anti-intellectualism to repress political dissent, and it is happening now too.

    I grew up in Eastern Europe, where intellectuals had little political influence and economic power. In the USSR, they were called stratum (prosloyka) - a layer without a class character.

    I started my adult life in Western Europe, where members of cultured bourgeoisie (Bildungsbürgertum or Gebildete in Germany) had distinctive roles in their societies.

    Analytical and empirical knowledge matters, our future is in innovation, and this is an ode to those who exhaust their brains in support of us all.

    With these art compositions, I celebrate these people, and especially:

    • scientists who do not manipulate the results of the studies for money,
    • musicians who promote their experimental compositions despite the current tastes;
    • teachers who nurture independent thinkers and creators.


  • Spontaneous


    Artwork Collection

    Zenga 禅画 - art of zen painting with calligraphy of poems and sayings.

    This collection is dedicated to spontaneity:

    • spontaneously created compositions with expressive brushwork or line quality;
    • unprompted works, alla-prima ("at first attempt"), reactions to intense internal impulses;
    • visualizations based on inclinations, unconstrained by tradition;
    • influenced by Zen-Buddhist (禅) or other Eastern styles
      (e.g. Japanese Sumi-e 水墨画, Chinese guóhuà, s.国画;  國畫)
    • minimalist, non-conceptual, highly experimental works.
    • artworks with poetry - haiku or short verses;
    • meditative drawing.