• 2020-s Decade

    This started with promising trips, relationships and game nights, just to be shut down by pandemic in early March.

    • 2020

      The year of pandemic and especially consequential US elections I spent in Oceanside, in isolation since March.

  • 2010-s Decade

    Most of the 2010s I spent in Southern California, primarily in San Diego and Orange counties.

    • 2014

      In 2014, I moved to South Park and then North Park neighborhoods of San Diego, drove an electric bike everywhere (for five months, it was then stolen), spent lots of time in Balboa Park, filmed a lot, made good friends, fell in love, volunteered for humanist non-profits, ushered in theaters, studied two full-time semesters (Business Law, English Composition and Critical Thinking, Field and Documentary Film Production), started working in customer service part time, and for that switched to evening classes and bought an old hybrid car.

    • 2015

      In 2015, I had a full-time Spring semester (Film Lighting, Small Business Accounting, Payroll, and Taxation), volunteered to file taxes for low-income people after an IRS exam, then moved to Huntington Beach in Orange County, studied history of cinema, produced short documentaries, started painting again.

    • 2018

      In 2018, I set up my art studio in Oceanside, California, and planted an orchard.

    • 2019

      In 2019, I lived in Oceanside, California, and concentrated on life figure and portrait drawing and painting.

  • 2000-s Decade


    My adulthood had started with this twenty-first century of the Anno Domini or Common Era by Gregorian calendar, and with the third millennium.

    My German became fluid; I've got my first computer and a digital camera; two of my first serious relationships with German guys crashed; I started biking and driving; I lost my paintings; I changed continents; I was investing into emerging markets (Brazil and India, with gains) and alternative energy (with losses); I found myself in impossible situations; I learnt programming and bootstrapped my first website from scratch; I lived on a boat; I was hit by a mini-bus on a bicycle and thrown under the wheels of another car; I ran half-marathon through Redwoods; I lost a lot during the great recession, especially personally; three of important to me people died; I changed Coasts and founded an international network.

  • 1980-s and Earlier

    Most of my childhood happened in 1980s, and I have only a few memories about earlier events.