In life, I failed almost at everything, except a few fortunately important things. These are a few random bits of curious information about my endeavors.

  • I lived apart from my parents from 1 to 5, and was left alone a lot.
  • As a child I refused to eat most things I was offered. I disliked ice-cream, but loved dark rye bread and many fruits.
  • I started regular fasting at age 13, made it every Friday by 14, then tried 3 days monthly, then found the warrior diet and settled on something now called intermittent fasting.
  • I sleep on hard surfaces like floors, garden furniture, and even tables. I started at 17 along with studying yoga, converted or made my own surfaces, used folded blankets and then yoga mats.
  • I started investing in currencies and commodities after participating in a stock trade game at university, I did not have access to stock trading back then.
  • Many weekends of my 14th year of life I spent in a bathroom temporally converted into a dark room to develop my SLR photographs on film. I lost them and all negatives during relocation.
  • As a little girl I sang on weddings. In music school, I played polyphony and sang it in a choir, with concerts for military and students.
  • In my early twenties I developed a 70-measurements system to make well-fitted elegant clothing. I made male suits and female dresses, then attempted to organize the production with local factories, and failed.
  • In my late twenties I was writing a book on visual memory structuring. It became so complex, I still wonder whether it is worth finishing.
  • In my thirties I designed a framework in object oriented PHP that produced meaningfully formatted content presentation based on keywords. It never found any implementation.
  • I have not seen any member of my family of origin for over 12 years.
  • Last ears before immigration I lived alone, with a heavy steal panel on my double door.
  • I had a pepper spray with me at all times, and was lucky to never have a need to use it.
  • After the first six years of immigration I went back to touch the ground, and did not feel at home.
  • For all those years and much longer I always carried a card with a significantly modified Bushido code. I still have it.
  • In my early twenties, I trained myself to visualize death as a young native American warrior behind my left shoulder - to appreciate time.
  • During the same years, I increased the duration of my meditation on point to 30-40 minutes.
  • When I experienced my first samadhi at 19, I thought that nothing could top that. I was wrong.

To be continued...

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