2020-s Decade


This started with promising trips, relationships and game nights, just to be shut down by pandemic in early March.

  • 2020

    This year of pandemic and especially consequential US elections I spent in Oceanside, in isolation since March. I watched too much news and worked in the orchard too much: for a while I had converted veranda into a seedling station and repaired almost all sprinkler problems and built new drip-irrigation lines. I could not get seeds or materials I needed. My paintings were some complex muted watercolors to deal with horrid fires, deaths, concentration of power, and political agitations. I did not like running in a mask, so I have exercised at nighttime on the streets, when nobody was there (met unusual number of coyotes). I went to a store once a week and suffered from luck of available decent fruits.

    I acquired many skills that I always wanted to have, like weaving (including fences), making raw vinegar from various fruits, fermenting, catching wild yeast for sourdough, baking flat breads from unusual things, air-drying (flowers, leaves, and clothing), soldering, wood burning, drilling, polishing, some basic woodwork to use with prunings, new hand and machine embroidery styles, new monotype techniques, eco-printing, eco-dying, paper-making and transforming, bookbinding, junk-mail art-journaling, sewing from reclaimed fabrics, refreshed crochet, macrame and knotting, propagating in sand, building growing containers from recycled  food-grade plastic, rain-water gathering (eventually got two recycled barrels), and a bunch of others.

  • 2021

    In Spring, I work in the garden a lot, planted additional trees and vines, and got fully vaccinated. I changed gears an old Singer (a present from a dear friend), sewn and bought clothes from natural fibers. In Summer, I started seeing friends. Then stopped because of Delta variant, and resumed in Fall: going for drinks and parties outside, and hosting game nights. We flew to New Hampshire and solved some problems there. My close friend in Germany could not visit, but they bough a house with a garden. Second time in life, I celebrated Thanksgiving with new people in beautiful Fallbroock, thanks to a new friend.

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