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Dear Fellow Artists,

I would be happy to get together with you to create a group art exhibition.

My name is Lena Nechet, I am a fine art painter. In art, I am interested almost exclusively in composition and the beauty of living beings, primarily humans. I tend to use limited palette, new for each series of my paintings, and mathematics has a role in my thinking process. Pure abstraction and abstract portraiture are my preferred styles.

More about me here.


I started with oils in childhood, and moved to water media much later, to acrylics and then watercolor, which I use more like oils and less like most artist do. I also like to work in black and white - graphite, charcoal, and India ink. My other favorite media include pastel, suminagashi, monoprint, and collage.

I have experience with fresco and dynamic sculpture, photography, videography, digital design, and illustration.


Most of the time, I am internally driven, and if I could I would make art every day. Externally, I am most often inspired by plants and facial expressions of people.

Collapsing the third dimension into surface is for some reason exceptionally exciting for me. So, if I have physical volume on the painting, it is primarily to give some dynamic in light reflection from the texture. 


I had uncountable influences on my work, most notably ancient Egypt, Chinese Zen, and Japanese traditions, and of course European schools, especially Russian, German, Dutch, French, and Spanish. I love folk arts of many regions. 

The other big brunches of influences are films and creative montage, and the non-visual influence of music - Slavic folk, Cuban, classical symphonies, European experimental instrumentals, hard rock, heavy metal, and many others. I am attracted to rhythm in general, and feel like paintings have melodies.


With you guys, I would like to collaborate on art presentation and have your feedback on my choices.

My introduction letter to the fellow artists for a collaboration on a group gallery exhibition.
Introduction, Exhibition, Statement


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA ,
Art@LenaNechet.com 323-686-1771