I am now fully vaccinated from COVID to help myself and the community to stay healthy return to usual life. I started searching for appointments as soon as I got eligible. I am very sad that many people distrust this work of the amazing scientists, and hope with my example to help others make their choice.

COVID Vaccination

My vaccine shots of Moderna SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-1273 vaccination dates with side effects:

  1. Moderna (.5 ml), April 23 2021: felt great afterwards, only my cycle was triggered to restart sooner, and the shoulder was a bit sore next morning.
  2. Moderna (.5 ml), May 21, 2021: about two hours of chills, felt extremely tired next day. The head and muscle heaviness was like in flu, but without cold symptoms, felt almost normal again by the end of the day after.
  3. Pfizer ( .3 ml, "booster"), January 4, 2022: the next day I felt half bad compared to the second shot, but then I started experiencing some sort of nervous-muscular pain all over my upper body, for 4-5 days, and it was quite bad. When I decided to take an aspirin, one tablet was not enough, I took one more and hour later, and then another one to be able to sleep. When on the third day the pain took over my neck, spine, and arms, I started to think that I had a coinciding Omicron or flu, but I had none of the symptoms of respiratory infection. And the pain started to wain back left from where it started to the shoulder with the shot. The doze could have been too high for me.

I could not find any information on such symptom after an mRNA vaccine, and still cannot find any satisfactory explanation on what was happening to me. My third shot was about 7 month after the second one and a smaller amount.

When we got an official recommendation for boosters for every adult, it was difficult for me to decide what to do in my case, because I am almost certain I had the first variant of COVID in March, when my husband came back from New York and had full array of specific symptoms, including smell loss. I had only some chills, probably because we took all precautions and I got only a small viral dose. Additionally, when I decided to take the shot - primarily because the first two shots were too close to each other and that 4 weeks in-between recommendation was far from optimal - first it was difficult to book an appointment, and then they had only Pfizer.


During my lifetime, I took all of other available vaccines and I had no hesitation to take this new type after a long research. But I never in my life had such reactions to any of the other vaccines. The way information about this pandemic is propagated in our societies, particularly in US, bothers me a lot. I must tell you, I was very angry being in such a prolonged pain and not able to understand why exactly it was happening.  Overall, I hope I have protected myself and others at least somewhat, and I am happy the pain is over, at least for now.

Stay well!


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