I want to show my deep appreciation to every person who expressed their feelings for Ukrainians to me personally, and to all people who pay enough attention to understand what is happening.

From my dear friends, to students, professors, administrators, as well as every person who said something after seeing ribbons on my bag - you guys are warming my heart with your words about Ukrainians and surprisingly deep understanding of the essence of the war and peace. I wish more people would know about it, especially in Ukraine now.

You openly expressed on which side you were online, sent me kind messages, you put your hand on mine (even a postal officer just now, in Oceanside) or to your heart, you shared wisdom and how you check the Ukrainian map first thing in the morning, you went to anti-war demonstration this weekend, or took hours of your life to find the truth about this invasion.

Thank you.

I just need to write it down here, on February 28, while they bomb Kharkiv and possibly use thermobaric weapons.


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