My general outline for an expository essay in anthropology.

Essay Outline

Expository Essay - point + support, logical flow

  1. Introduction
    1. Thesis
    2. Points - concise topics of each paragraph
    3. Importance
  2. Paragraph - each: mini essay, connected to the theme
    1. Topic - one major point
      1. Definition
      2. Meaning
    2. Discussion - elaboration
      1. Structure - big picture -> details
        1. Source 1 (Citation year)
        2. Source 2 (Citation year)
      2. Function
        1. Source 1 (Citation year)
        2. Source 2 (Citation year)
    3. Example (source 3) - specific to the point
      1. Methodology
        1. Goal
        2. Method
      2. Results (Citation year)
    4. Closing - link to thesis
  3. Conclusion - 1/2 to 3/4 of a page
    1. Thesis Review
    2. Points summary with Examples mentioned
    3. Significance of the topics.

Notes: Each citation separately for each piece of information, no fusion of knowledge; no unneeded information, only one example; no transition sentences between paragraphs; no use of parenthesis other than for citations, formal but simple sentences, no splitting of paragraphs for one point.

A general outline for an expository essay.Anthropology, Outline, Writing, Exposition, Teaching


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