My favorite compositions of sounds arranged in time; rhythms, melodies, and songs. 

Music - artistic auditory communication, instrumental or vocal tones, rhythm.

My favorite choreography and dancers, including ballet.

Dance - performing art of purposefully selected sequences of human movements that have aesthetic and symbolic value.

My playlist for music on YouTube in 2020s.

My music in 10s.
Wisla Notes

This is the Polish song I used to play on my piano - a present of my grandmother - in my first year in music school. It was not a part of the program, I found it in one of my books, and loved it. I sung it in Russian translation.

I suddenly remembered it now, through the tears. I did not know at that time how many losses life contains.

Visla, Song, Polish

This is a collection of my favorite songs that have good video.

My incomplete collection of favorite music video clips.
music, video clips, dance

An incomplete playlist of my favorite dance music.
music, video clips, dance

This is a long but incomplete and unordered list of musicians I liked over the years (over 600). The list needs to be cleaned, it is a quick backup from

Some of the music I loved from 2008 to 2012.
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My favorite musical compositions I saved on in 2008-2012. The network was vibrant and I found a lot of new awesome music there - still cannot believe they killed such a great project.

Some of the music I loved from 2008 to 2012.
music, songs, tracks, loved,
Oj tam na Gori. This is A Ukrainian song about two birds, who loved each other. He got killed, she did not want anybody else.

My favorite Ukrainian folk song I sang in childhood.
song, lyrics, folk, Ukraine

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