True Story 🔱

My real stories are accounts of real events and the ways they changed me. Some of the stories are more like tales with resolutions and morals.

Linear Mode of Narration

Linear (classic) mode of presentation follows standard three-act structure, based on conflict and resolution as a storytelling arc (tale, novel, saga, anecdote, drama and episode, play and scriptwriting).

Elements of a story :

  1. Character - active, impacted, observed or observing person.
  2. Setting - the place and the time.
  3. Plot, the sequence of events - timeline, scenes, episodes.
  4. Resolution of a conflict - change, solutions, problems that are being solved.
  5. Moral of the story - ethical essence, fundamental principles, teaching or practical lesson, intention, theme.

Story is a narrative based on fact or imagination, an account of occurrences, series of events and relationships forming the basis of a composition - with a plot, a story line (also, chronicle, description, history, narration, narrative, report, fable, fiction, anecdote, tale).

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