Ways that Worked for me

My list of verified and working ways to give monetary humanitarian help to Ukraine from the United States - a list and some links with notes.

  1. Surgeries for wounded (Revived Soldiers Ukraine): rsukraine.org/our-work
  2. Medical supplies backpacks (PayPal, Facebook, check, Amazon): sunflowerofpeace.com
  3. Libereco, Partnership for Human Rights e.V. (accounts in Germany and US, cards):
  4. UNITED24 was launched by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, via House of Ukraine DC Foundation, non-profit (I have chosen "Medical Aid")u24.gov.ua
  5. Independent Journalism: anti-war journalism via YouTube of your choice.
    I've chosen several channels of journalists and lawyers I trusted long time, non-English.
  6. Keep the Kyiv Independent news going, they are good and in English: gofund.me/a4e35504
  7. Petition signing and paying for its propagation. One of mine was  Stop the War petition in Russian, you can help sharing it: change.org
  8. Local auctions and medical devices shipments. I donated art to a Laguna Beach gallery in the neighboring county to go to Ukraine through the Red Cross.

Facebook Takes Long

Donation via facebook take "up to 90 days" - not good for me or anyone, fb takes money, uses it for its financial operation, and only then distributes. Three methods worked for me till now, from US. The rest are either inaccessible, or hang with waiting signs (especially, modified links from fb), or via fb itself, or somewhat suspicious.

For some non-profits though, Facebook is not the only method they have, but the fastest, they say.



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