My own verse.

Verse is a metrical writing.

Poem - a verbal composition, in which the words are chosen for their sound and for ideas and images they suggest, and are arranged in separate lines, often ending in rhyme.

Poetry is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language. This form of art is thousands years old, and originated in Africa.

At age thirteen
I was a queen
of interaction
with tea.

A poem by Lena Nechet.
Teens, Tea, Addiction

This poem is dedicated to my teen family of Donetsk. These kids of the neighborhood took care of me during days in the first year of my life, and then I spent almost all Summers with them from age six to eighteen. Most of them were about ten years older than me, but I perceived them as my best company.

A poem by Lena Nechet.
Teens, Neighborhood, War

Oh, give us just one rain!
For living to remain.

A poem by Lena Nechet.
Water, Rain, River, Plant, Tree, Survival, Religion, Prayer, Drought, Gardening

This poem is about areas of Ukraine that were liberated from RF contract army and soldier of fortune, some Russian from prisons. I wrote it after a studying a detailed report about treatment of civilian population in the currently still occupied Kherson region, already knowing a lot about war crimes in Bucha, Irpen, and other Ukrainian towns and villages.

A poem by Lena Nechet.
War, Crime, Murder, Sadism, Torture, Terror, Occupation, Bucha, Буча, Irpin, Ірпінь, Kherson, Херсон

From folding pattern of experience
with scaling lateral convenience
I fall through urgency and rage
Into aggression of my age:

A poem by Lena Nechet.
War, Rage, Murder

Don't die, stay longer, little one,
expand your root and wait with blossom!

A poem by Lena Nechet.
Seedling, Plant, Procreation, Blossom, Survival, Gardening


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