Expository Mode of Narration

In the expository* mode:

  • prioritize evidence and logic, ideas over aesthetics;
  • explain concepts, convey knowledge;
  • apply evidentiary editing and conceptualism; use formal academic, business, technical, or scientific writing, as well as argumentative speech (essay, monologue, tutorial, news story, review).

* I found that an expository mode of writing or film editing can have almost opposite meanings under different approaches . For my purposes of classification, I went with "exposition" as a sort of evidence-based persuasion, also because it is almost impossible to produce a purely factual all-encompassing opinion-less non-bias creation.

Sub-modes of exposition for expressing meaning or purpose:

Observation and Exposition

Narrative exposition is the insertion of background information within a story.

Expository and observational presentation modes, both:

  1. attempt to show subjective or objective truth;
  2. use images to deepen understanding or to advance the argument;
  3. impressional: have effect on mind, feelings, thoughts;
  4. introductory: presentation with background and contextual information;

Main differences:

  • Observation is about showing reality,
  • Exposition is more about a well-supported argument.

A good observation should be expository, in my opinion. It is beneficial to critically process own impressions with reason and to separate facts and opinions. And a good exposition should be rooted in carefully observed reality.

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