California, US - feels like home to me. I lived a little while in the North, but mostly in Southern California, South to Los Angeles, in San Diego and Orange Counties.

In San Diego County I lived in La Jolla, South Park (close to Balboa Park and downtown), North Park (to the South of University street) and in Oceanside, North County.

I moved to California to exercise outside on most days, to swim in the ocean, and to hopefully find more people who value ethical lifestyles. This is the only place I have ever chosen to live not out of circumstances, chance, or need. My biggest issues here are the price of water, real estate, and high taxes. What I love the most is the friendliness of people, like almost anywhere along the Pacific Coast, the vast variety of personalities one can meet, and the clarity of sunlight.

Progressive Era February 2023
Los Angeles Museum Trip February 2023
City for Angels February 2023
Reverse Appreciation February 2023
Art Logic Course October 2022
Faculty Exhibition Visit September 2022
Group Exhibition Install May 2022
Notes on Group Exhibition April 2022
Quiet Orchard April 2022
Game Night February February 2022
Business Mentor February 2022
Game Night December December 2021
Game Night November November 2021
Game Night October October 2021
Open in Vain December 2019
Humanist Party August 2021
Late Realization October 2019
Two Brothers October 2019
Before Marriage October 2019
Night Stop November 2019
Day Stop November 2019
After Marriage October 2019
Game Night July July 2021
Fire Element April 2015
Air Element April 2015
Soil Element April 2015
Water Element April 2015
Bushido Code December 2016
Bushido Attitude December 2016
Twilight Meditation November 2015
Separation Twilight November 2015
Uplifting Depth October 2016
Forced Existence January 2016
Crater Lake April 2016
Safety Horizon November 2016
Party Favors October 2016
Cloud City January 2015
Samurai Rise February 2015
Wire Stem July 2015
Seed Triad February 2016
Foreign Element July 2016
Tree of Water March 2016
Fish Nightmare May 2017
Embroidery Tree July 2017
Shell Shimmer February 2017
Weed Aggression May 2018
Triangulation Wave September 2015
Californian Backyard July 2017
Red Curtain July 2016
Lonely Jonas November 2019


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA , 323-686-1771