In 2017, my last year in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California I went to Europe in Spring, to Brussels for a friend's wedding, and then to Dusseldorf and a few other towns.

I made great friends in Santa Ana and the city of Orange, California, where a fellow artist (in paper collage) organized downtown meetings, but also in other neighboring towns. I participated in many discussions on humanism and linguistics, went to fun parties and outdoor gatherings.

By the end of the year though, I might have came close to a nervous breakdown. I could not relax, I cried at strange times and places. Even running along the Santa Ana River, 10K every morning, stopped giving me the same happiness. I still wonder how I came back to my usual self.

Website Domain and Plans May 2021
Personal Cards and Notes February 2018
Happy Holidays 2017 December 2017
Splendid Waste November 2017
Sailing Shift November 2017
Beach Bar October 2017
Up Rising October 2017
Peel Off Reality September 2017
Californian Backyard July 2017
Embroidery Tree July 2017
Neighborhood Watchtower July 2017
Gender Trance June 2017
Fish Nightmare May 2017
Shell Shimmer February 2017
Testosterone February 2017
Swirl Formation January 2017
Crown Thorn September 2016
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