Space and time, the settings of my stories.

  • Places

    Positions in space, places on Earth relevant to the content of this site: most notable locations, areas, regions, countries, states, cities, towns, venues.

  • Years

    On this site, it is useful to split time into decades and years of my life. And the updates will be ordered my month as well. The date will be visible under the articles where it is relevant (in blog, for example).


    Time is a continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession, an indefinite continued progress of existence.

    My own relation to this fourth dimension is strange, because my life stages vary rhythmically and spatially so much, that I would rather deal with a single continuum. Parts of my life seem to me like eras or forgotten lifetimes, and the quiet now can feel longer than all the past combined, and the future feels like a just started painting.

    As most people, most often I quantify the rates of change in my reality in years, months, and weeks, and then sequence my daily events - mostly routines - in hours, and only by necessity in minutes. I failed to keep any type of journal for more than a month or too, so I concentrate instead on categorized logs, checklists, and accomplishments by project.