When I was 8-9, I was preparing to go to a cool school of arts, the best in the area (county), where I could quit my regular and music schools and have all regular and music lessons there, for 8-9 hours a day, 6 days a week.

As a service, I offer creation of artwork miniatures as illustration for your to be printed materials, highly adjusted to your needs, and also stylized artistic manipulation of photographic images.

Sind Pflanzen intelligente Wesen? / Are plants intelligent?x
About this excersie text: From an interview with professor Ulrich Kutschera, an experimental plant biologist, has published a 712-page textbook entitled “Physiology of Plants. Sensible Vegetation in Action”, 2019 (in German). A long chapter is dedicated to plant intelligence.

Sind Pflanzen intelligente Wesen? / Are plants intelligent?
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