• Mixed Media Mind Workshop

    We will follow the principle of minimum palette to explore each medium combination and...

  • Introduction to Artists

  • Palette

    Palette is a particular range, quality, or use of color.

  • Set

    Series are set up by style, technique, palette, ground, and the visual approach to...

  • Edges and Frames

    or silvery tone, depending on the color palette of the artwork. Frames I do not use...

  • Paints and Mediums

    apply them to pre-treated surfaces. My palette was always narrow, and I create even...

  • Inorganic Synthetic

    addition to the standard earth palette, in my opinion. Impressionist Palette...

  • Technique

    - used for fine art creation (brushes, palettes, stick, easels, mounts, etc).

  • Limited

    Limited palette - deliberate restriction of the number of color hues or single...

  • Mineral Earth

    iron oxides were used in the classical palette, with added also inorganic naples and...

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