Art Commission

Order custom artwork by requesting the creation of unique art pieces: paintings, drawings, and hand-made illustration.


Memorable cards and notes designed for special people: meaningful symbols, expressions, and poetry can be sketched into a unique composition and rendered in archival pigments on textured cotton paper.

This is a way to express your message in form of a miniature artwork, created to be kept for a long time if desired.

Custom design of artistic personal messages.
Valentine day, greeting card, heart, calligraphic drawing
Ellen & Bob

Personal symbolic logotype for a loving couple: the letters of their names interlace into each other, maintaining nevertheless their own character and integrity - their unity is expressed in a simplistic symbol.

I played with very thin technical pens a quite a bit before I establish this style. I like the contrast of the achromatic black and white flat simplicity with the optical illusion of three-dimensional interwovenness.

Archival black pigment ink on paper, 2014. Miniature, 6 x 4 inches.

Symbolic logotype, name-based symbol.
Giant Serpent and Ophicleide by Lena Nechet

This is my illustration of two historic musical instruments, serpent and ophicleide, which was published in September 2017.

ophicleide serpent illustration lena nechetI rendered two initial versions in archival ink, and one - made with more realistic details of the mouthpieces upon request - was preferred by the client.

  • See unfinished version on the left (my proposition).
  • See the final version on the right (publicist's wish).

In the final render I have removed some of the deep blacks, adjusted the details, and finalized pointillistic shading.

The main challenges of this work were:

  1. studying hundreds of images of these lost instruments,
  2. choosing a generic variation of their designs to use,
  3. abstracting from the intricacy of the real details,
  4. composing the entanglement,
  5. shifting the value after changes.

Initially, I placed the both intertwined musical instruments in front of an abstract figure of a musician: the outline of the silhouette was supposed to emphasize the size of these giant creations. But the drawing became very busy, especially because of all the details I kept to satisfy professional musicians who ordered the piece. I removed the figure.

Below you can see the drawing's published page, and read the original feedback to this illustration.

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