Media Workshops

Art practice events: technique workshops, media practice classes, model and outdoors art sessions, fun art parties, photography and videography practical application: camerawork and editing.

If you are interested in testing new methods and materials, I can bring you some of my best art supplies and tools for demonstration and practice. We can also use your art materials and deepen your techniques.

Fine art media I know well, and main techniques:

  • Acrylics: impasto, glazing, gesso, isolation layers;
  • Watercolor: transparent, gouache;
  • Ink:
    • Sumi zen brush,
    • Suminagashi ("floating ink" or marbling),
    • Parallel and fountain pens;
  • Dry media:
    • Color: pastel, color pencils and sticks;
    • Black and white: charcoal, graphite;

I love oils, but do not work with them anymore.